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Gemma Kirby is different…for all the right reasons. She pushes
boundaries - personally, musically and creatively and she couldn’t
be happier doing what she is doing!

Perhaps the most telling lyric on Gemma Kirby’s debut album, Semi
Precious, is this one: “Buckle up, boy, cause you’re in for a rough
ride.” It’s emblematic of the brash, attitude-driven persona—most
certainly a product of her profession as a coal miner—that has been
the face of Gemma’s artistic output and broader musical career to

One minute her other-worldly voice is soaring a mile high on an
anthemic country track and the next, she is totally rocking it out!

Gemma Kirby first decided she wanted to make it in music when she
was a child, and from that point set her life on a course that was
most likely to make those dreams come true: supporting countless
country artists as an opener, honing her song-writing skills, and
performing for audiences as large as 40,000 all by the time she was
16. This adolescent momentum was capped off with the crowning
achievement of graduating from the CMAA Academy of Country
Music in 2011.

But that didn’t remain her best musical accomplishment for long,
because in 2012, she was selected to represent Australia in the
World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in America, an
event that is essentially the “Talent Olympics” for aspiring
performers and entertainers. Not only was she selected – she
cleaned up. Winning 10 medals (1 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze) as
well as the title of Overall Champion of the World for the Country
and Western Division, Gemma launched onto the radar of music
fans and industry executives far and wide immediately.

She has opened for Jimmy Barnes, has been featured in national
media such as New Idea, The Morning Show, The Australian, The
Courier Mail and more. Her debut single “Fallen Soldier” from her
debut album “Semi-Precious” released in 2015, remained in the top
40 CMC video charts for a staggering 15 weeks. The same video
saw her gain recognition as a finalist in the 2016 Peoples Choice

Gemma completed a successful 2016 Tamworth Country Music
Festival which featured gigs with popular artists Ben Ransom and
Jonny Taylor. And this set the stage for 2016.

She was a 2016 finalist in the 2016 WA Music Awards and
performed at The infamous Boyup Brook Festival. She also
performed at the 2016 Urban Country Music Festival, on the
emerging talent stage at 2016 Gympie Muster and 2016 Lights On
the Hill.

This year Gemma has toured NT and will be the touring NSW in
November. She has also been chosen by PBR Australia to perform
the National anthem at their Brisbane and Newcastle major events.

Musically, “Coal Train”, the second single from Gemma’s debut
album “Semi-Precious” was released earlier this year and generated
a string of country and mainstream media interest – featuring a
LIVE interview on Channel 7’s The Daily Edition, and in QLD music
media The Music and SceneStr magazine.

Her third and most recent single/video release off Semi-Precious, is
“Deceiving Eyes”. It is the first interactive film clip in the Australian
Country Music Industry and is a powerful video about Gemma’s
younger sister who became an ice addict. It is brave and powerful
and sends an important message to young people about the
dangers of drug use.

“I met Gemma in Tamworth this year and after chatting to her I
thought to myself, I'm gonna keep my eye on this one. Well....When
someone has the courage to make a bold statement about
something so personal and confronting, they should be applauded!
Gemma, take a bow coz this video and song is so brutally honest,
and shows something that's tearing families apart right under our
noses!” Australian Country Music Superstar, Adam Brand.

Semi Precious, recorded with award winning producer Matt Fell, is